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Welcome Back Holly S. Spence, CNM

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October 13, 2017

Holly S. Spence, CNM has been gone from NWWC for a few months.  She is now back and has decided work two days a week in our Resource Provider role.  This means she will be available to Midwife and babysee patients when your usual provider is called out for a delivery or another emergency.  She will also be available for urgent appointments that can not wait for our next available appointment with your usual provider. She will take triage calls in order to get you an answer to your questions at a quicker rate as well.  In addition, she will be taking call for our midwife provider team one weekend a month and periodic days of the week.  We know her patients that have seen her over the last few years will be sad to not see her as their usual provider now, but she feels they will be in good hands with our other midwives available at NWWC.

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