Tanah Clunies-Ross, CNM

Tanah Clunies-Ross, CNM: Joining NWWC 11/2/2020

Tanah’s interest in Midwifery began at a very young age. At age 7 she watched the homebirth of her baby brother, which was attended by midwives. In her teen years, caring for the underserved became incredibly important to her and she began to travel to Mexico every summer beginning at age 13, building homes and delivering humanitarian aid. In her early 20’s Tanah became trained as an EMT, she had the opportunity to use these skills during the tsunami relief efforts in Thailand in 2004. After returning from Thailand she began her pre-nursing courses and graduated with her BSN in Nursing from Linfield School of Nursing in Portland, OR. She began her nursing career at Salem Health in the Float Pool, and then the Emergency Department for 10 years. Coupling her love for Emergency Medicine, Relief work, and knowing women world-wide were at the greatest risk of maternal death, and lacked reproductive rights, she studied midwifery at Frontier Nursing University and graduated with her Master’s of Science in Nursing.

Although a native Oregonian, Tanah began her Midwife career in Paradise, California. As a midwife in this rural setting she was able to use her person-centered and focused approach towards the women she cared for, connecting deeply with that community before moving back to Oregon in 2019. She now has experience with in-hospital, low intervention, and Free-Standing Birth Center midwifery. Tanah has interests in holistic adolescent and women’s health, caring for women of all ages. She loves to empower women to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycle at any age. She believes sexual and reproductive health is both essential and a human right, and is true preventative care in decreasing many other potential life-altering chronic illnesses. She loves to prepare women through pregnancy and motherhood, and support people to make thoughtful decisions on birth control and to prevent unintended pregnancies. In addition, Tanah works with International Medical Corps for disaster relief as an opportunity for her to follow her continued passion of working with migrant families and those at greatest risk and in need of medical care and education worldwide.

When she is not practicing midwifery, Tanah is busy playing and adventuring with her two kiddos, ages 6 and 9, and her stay-at-home do-everything-amazing husband. They love to travel, stand-up paddleboard, hike, bike, attend every single farmers market they can find, and get all magical for the Oregon Country Fair every year.

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