Lydia M. Hammond, RN, MSN, CNM

Lydia M. Hammond, RN, MSN, CNM joined NWWC in November of 2012.

Lydia Hammond received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from the University of Arizona, and while working as a labor and delivery nurse, attended Frontier Nursing University where she earned her Masters in Nursing and Midwifery. She has spent time serving on the rural Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona; where she enjoyed learning about and serving women from two different Native American cultures, the Hopi and Navajo.

Lydia believes it is an honor and privilege to participate in the care of women throughout their life cycle and especially in their child-bearing years. She loves educating women about their bodies and including them in decisions about their healthcare. She has experience with out of hospital births, water births, unmedicated childbirth, and the use of medicinal interventions to provide the experience each individual woman is seeking.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, who is also her high school sweetheart, and their six children. They love playing soccer, cooking, and anything else that includes being together.

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