Cindy McCullough, CNM

Cynthia R. McCullough, CNM is joining NWWC’s Midwifery practice October 3, 2022!!!

Cindy (she/her) has been involved in birth work since 2012 and has been a certified nurse-midwife since 2015. She is passionate about meeting the birthing person where there are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She provided holistic, evidence-based care in the community setting where clients had options of waterbirth, nitrous oxide, and various laboring tools to facilitate a natural birth. She is very excited to join the Northwest Women’s Clinic team to be able to provide care on the continuum. She believes in care plans that address the needs of the parent(s) to empower them on the birth that they choose. Cindy believes that gynecologic care can be client-centered and holistic.

In her free time, she loves quality time with her family. They enjoy hiking, biking, paddle-boarding, and gardening. Cindy is always up for a cup of coffee and some quality conversation.

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