Prenatal Classes

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June 7, 2016

Prenatal Classes picture****During the COVID-19 Pandemic, NWWC is only offering our prenatal classes ONLINE through ZOOM. If you are interested, please call our front desk for more information. These classes will be run by Grace Peverly, RN or J. Baron, CNM*****


NWWC is proud to offer a four week series of prenatal classes taught by Juliana “J” Baron, CNM, and our Registered Nurse and Prenatal Class Educator, Grace Peverly, RN. NWWC started teaching these classes in March 2016. These classes are overseen by our midwifery team, and approved by our team of Medical Doctors. They are held over Zoom  for you to have a convenient and comfortable learning environment in your own home. Each month, the day of the week in which the classes are taught changes in order to try to meet everyone’s needs.  The classes are held from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The cost is $150 per couple for the FULL 4 week series. If you are interested, ask our front desk for registration and payment at 503-416-9922.  Payment is due at time of registration.

The class curriculum entails:

  • Class #1- Understanding the pregnant body
  • Class #2- What to expect when you get to the hospital
  • Class #3- Comfort and coping with early labor
  • Class #4- Your newborn and the postpartum time

NWWC also offers a class once every month or two on how to approach unmedicated labor. This class costs $75.00. Please ask when the next available class is scheduled.



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